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Best of money : Tax edition

We are 3 weeks away from this years tax deadline. While you are scrambling to compile all your tax related documents and figuring out how to get maximum refund possible, here are 10 great posts around the blogosphere and tax related graphics to entertain and educate you a bit more on our taxes. Hope you enjoy this tax edition of Best of Money carnival!

#1. Editor’s pick

Jeremy Waller presents Credit Cards Are Dangerous: The Psychology Of Paying With Cash posted at Personal Finance Whiz


What gets taken out of your paycheck


FamilyMoneyValues presents From Riches to Rags posted at Family Money Values.

Federal Tax bracket 2012


Sustainable PF presents What Games Taught me About Life and Finances posted at Sustainable Personal Finance.

Social Security Taxes


Tim presents 5 Business Lessons Learned from Monopoly posted at Faith and Finance.

Medicare Taxes


FMF presents Answer These Six Essential Questions To Determine Your Retirement Number posted at Free Money Finance.

Tax deductions 2012


Investor Junkie presents Our Home Is Being Foreclosed posted at Investor Junkie.

State special treatments


Pam Whitlock presents How Mickey and Shamu are Teaching My Child about Loans and Debt Repayment posted at The MoneyTrail Blog.

Wage garnishments and assignments


krantcents presents The 3 J’s of Success posted at KrantCents.

Facts about IRS

Source : Pulse2


Hank presents Five Creative Ways To Fund Your New Small Business posted at Money Q&A.

Retirement Savings in America

Source : The Onion


Jason presents Athletes That Went Broke & Wondering Why We Enjoy Their Downfall posted at Work Save Live.

Other Infographics sources: Cool Infographics

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