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Free life insurance for low income families

Most low income families live paycheck to paycheck. Life insurance is not even on the list to consider. Putting food on the table and taking care of other necessities definitely take priority, but they should get life insurance – for their kid’s sake. Mass Mutual offers free life insurance for low income families up to $50,000 which will go into a trust that can be used by the kids for their education. It is very nice of them to offer this. This program is called LifeBridge Free Life Insurance Program. Mass Mutual will pay the premium and issue a $50K term life policy to a trust for a period of 10 years.  If the policy owner dies within this 10 year period, the $50K is used to cover the educational expenses of his/her children.  The children have 10 years after the parent’s death or until they hit 35 to use the money.


What are the eligibility criteria for this free life insurance program?

As this program is designed for low income families, you income cannot be more than $40,000, but it cannot be less than $10,000 either. Other qualifications include –

  • You have to be employed. Full time or part time. You should be between age 19 and 42
  • You should have (or be a legal guardian of) one of more dependent children under age 18
  • You should be a legal permanent resident of the United States
  • Only one member of household (one parent) can apply.
  • You should be good health.

How can I apply for the LifeBridge Free life insurance program?

  1. Fill out the LifeBridge eligibility and application form (you can find the form at the end of this booklet here – LifeBridge FAQs)
  2. Mail the form to this address (the form should have the up-to-date address)
    • MassMutual Financial Group
    • LifeBridge Program Coordinator
    • M175
    • PO Box 1295
    • Springfield MA 01101-9909
  3. You will receive a letter from the MassMutual program if you qualify to schedule a time and location to complete the process. You will need your last year tax return and most recent pay stub to verify the income and drivers license, green card or any photo id to verify your identity. You will also need your kids Social security numbers and date of birth.
  4. Finally you will have to take a brief medical exam.

Please share this information if you know someone who can take advantage of this program.

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