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Free money Friday : Watch Movies for Free

One of the feedback I got from my regular readers in my Amazon Kindle giveaway post as well as through emails, is my posts are a little long. watch movies for free with free movie ticketsNow, by the very nature of the topics I write and the research I put in through for each post, it tends to be longer and more resourceful than a quick read. So I decided to add a couple of series in addition to my regular post that are quick and still useful. One of them is Free Money Friday. I will try to post one resource/way or a tip to get free or very cheap stuff every Friday. It could be a free way to get products you use everyday or free money for college or free money for paying bills or free book about Arthritis or a great discount to get stuff for very cheap. I will keep adding one resource every week, so if you click on this page – Free Money Resources, you can find the list of all of them I have mentioned till date. What this won’t be – I won’t list any sweepstakes or contest or any way that you have to pay to get something (that is not “free”). So lets start with – how to watch movies for free… in theaters.

Movie tickets cost quite a bit of money these days. I have written about getting cheap movie tickets before, but free beats cheap any day. You can watch movies for free BEFORE it is released, which means you can have an awesome party conversation topic :) . And the best part of all, there are NO previews!

Watch Movies for free – Why & Where?

Every movie is screened in advance for the Hollywood Stars and reporters to get publicity. Public is allowed in these screenings as well for 2 reasons –

  • Get reviews in the movie websites
  • Fill the seats in the theatre

Most of these screenings will be in Los Angeles, New York or Las Vegas for obvious reasons, but that doesn’t mean other cities won’t have these screenings, there are just a LOT more screenings in LA/NY/LV. I get at least 4-5 movie invitations a week.

Watch Movies for free – How can I get free movie tickets

You can check out these websites to find what movies are available

You will have to RSVP (if the screening requires an RSVP code and you don’t have one from these mailing list, you can find them here – RSVP Codes) and be there early. They tend to over book (remember, the whole point is to fill the theatre), so be there early. If you know of any sites that has listings of free movie screenings, let me know I will add it in here.

Watch Movies for free -My preferred way of getting free movie tickets

I don’t usually check. What has worked for me best is getting them in my inbox. I am a member of the movietickets.com website. When I registered, there was a check box that asked whether I could get their newsletter and offers. I forgot to uncheck it, but that turned out to be a good idea. I get at least 2-3 movie screening invitations from them. The only catch is they are mostly on weekday evenings and I will have to write a review on movietickets.com after watching the movie. I have got free movie tickets for a lot of movies from famous movies like Harry Potter movies (3 months before they were released!!) to movies I am sure would never stay in the theaters for more than 2 days. You can pick and choose which one you want to attend. Sometimes the movie passes come with free popcorn and drinks! Last week I got an invitation that PAID $10 to watch a movie along with drinks and popcorn!

No previews… free popcorn… free drink…you get to see the movie before anyone else does.. And did I say it is free?

Disclaimer : Most of the freebies would require you to give your name, address and email. You are giving that information on your own. You are supposed to read the privacy policy of the company you are giving that information to. I am not responsible for anything. These posts are just for information, not an advice.

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