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TurboTax Discounts & Coupons : Where to find the cheapest price? (updated for 2013)

Updated on Feb 5, 2014 for 2013 Tax year TurboTax discounts and coupons.

Turbo Tax is one of the most popular tax preparation software. If you used Turbo Tax last year and are looking for Turbo Tax Discounts & Coupons on to do your taxes this year, this is where you will find them. Most of these Turbo Tax discounts apply only for federal tax return and you will have to pay for your state return (some include state as well). But after you file your federal return using Turbo Tax it might be easy to do the state and you can check if you can file your state return for free with your state’s own tax software. On to the Turbo Tax discounts now.

Turbotax coupons, cheapest

Turbo Tax Discounts for customers of certain financial institutions

TurboTax for Free

  • What is better than a free software to help filing your taxes. If you have a very simple tax return (just one W2 and no itemized deduction) you can file your federal taxes for free.

  • Statefarm: If you are a state farm customer, you can get Turbo Tax for free. If you are not a customer you get $20 off. More details here for customers – Statefarm turbo tax for free. Here is the link to get $20 off for Non customers – Statefarm Up to $20 off. All you need is a banking/insurance relationship with State farm.

TurboTax Up to $20 off 

Price: Deluxe – $19.99 ($10 off), Premier – $34.99 ($15 off), Home & Business – $54.99 ($20 off).

  • Chase Credit Card Holder : If you have a chase credit card, use it at the check out and save $20. (Paying with Chase credit card is mentioned in the Chase site, during checkout it doesn’t look like it enforces a Chase card)  Chase Discount
  • Schwab Customers :  You will have to login to access the $20 off offer from Schwab. After you login, go to the taxes menu on the top, it will list both TurboTax and H&R Block as options.
  • USAA : $20 off all versions of Turbotax USAA tax center or direct link USAA $20 off Turbotax.
  • Scotttrade : Scottrade customers receive a $20 discount off TurboTax online federal products, or a $10-$15 discount off a TurboTax Desktop software download. Scotttrade account is free to open and they have very competitive trading fees.
  • Bank of America : Bank of America offers a $20 discount for Turbo Tax federal return (In the home page it says $15, but the discount is actually $20 for Home & Business, $10 for Deluxe). It doesn’t require logging into Bank of America account, so it looks like anyone can use it. Click on this link to get the discount – Bank of America Turbo Tax Discount.
  • Fidelity : Fidelity offers $20 discount on federal products for everyone. They used to offer discount that also applies to state return, but this year I cannot find a discount for the state return. Here is the link to get the deal – Fidelity 25% off Federal & State.
  • Capital One Card Holders : Capital one offers $10-$20 off for all its card holders. It doesn’t require a login, so looks like anyone can get a discount. Again, if you are filing both this 25% off for both federal and state is better than 35% off federal alone. Here is the link to get the deal – Capital one 25% off Discount. [Note: Reader Len informed us that he was able to get a Capital One discount on top of the fidelity discount just by checking out with a Capital One card. So looks like the Capital One discount is stack-able. That will bring the price down by another $10-$20 depending on the product.Thanks Len!]
  • Wells Fargo : Wells Fargo offers the same $20 off for its customers. Wells Fargo Turbo Tax
  • Vanguard : Login required. Vanguard offers discount of up to $20 of Intuit’s price to its regular investors. Flagship Services and Asset Management Services clients will receive complimentary access to the Federal: Basic, Federal: Deluxe, and State: Basic products More info: Vanguard Tax Center.
  • T. Rowe Price : TRP offers a $10-$20 discount on online as well as download products. Link to the deal – T. Rowe Price discount.
  • Navy Federal Credit Union: NFCU offers the familiar discount of $10-$20 off on online Turbo Tax products – Link to the deal. Here is the link to the deal for military edition (E-1 to E-5 free federal & state return; E-6 to E-10 & Officers $14.99, state extra $36.99) – Military edition discount.

TurboTax $15 Off Discount

Price: Deluxe – $24.99 ($5 off), Premier – $39.99($10 off), Home & Business – $59.99($20 off).
  • Visa Card Holder : Even if you are not a customer of any of these financial institution, most people have a visa credit/debit card in their wallet. So for carrying that card, Visa offers up to $15 off deal, only on federal - Visa Card Holder Discount

TurboTax $5 Off Discount

Price: Deluxe – $24.99, Premier – $44.99, Home & Business – $69.99.
  • American Express Card Holder : If you are an American express card holder, all you have to do is pay with an AmEx card during check out. American Express TurboTax.

TurboTax Discount for CD and Downloadable Products

TurboTax Discounts for all

  • Bank of America discount link doesn’t require logging in. So it looks like it is for everyone. Same thing with Fidelity.  This  Up to $20 off discount  from Bank of America or from Fidelity ($20 off) is the best deal if you are looking to file just your federal return via TurboTax. ***Check this post to see if your state has free tax filing – Free state tax filing online (all states) ***
  • None of the discounts include the state return this year (some of them say they include a discount for State return as well, but when I actually see the price, they are all $36.99).

With all these discounts even if you are not eligible for free e-file due to income restriction or complicated returns, you never have to pay full price again. If you taxes are rather simple with no itemized deductions like mortgage interest, no rental property, or sold any investments, you can always file for free, just click on the banner below.

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This is great! I do use Turbo Tax and coupons will definitely always come in handy! Thank you for sharing.



As far as I can tell, it seems that all these supposed “discounts” are for the online version, not the version that is either downloadable or that has a CD included with it. Having been harassed by the jackbooted thugs at the IRS for returns that were 7 years old, I really appreciate having the actual CD versions of the software that I can install on a new machine and reconstruct all the previous years.



Thanks for posting. You saved me money on both of my federal and state tax prep fees. Thanks!



I did my 2012 taxes with TurboTax Basic online through Fidelity, and as you said the federal return was discounted to $19.99 but the state tax was effectively list price this year (“discounted” from $39.95 to $36.95), totaling $56.98 versus last year’s $42.65 for the same service, also done through Fidelity. However, I paid with a Capital One credit card and to my surprise when it went through there was a $10 credit marked “Turbo Tax-CAPITAL ONE DEALS.” It seems that my card automatically gets discounts for some purchases without my asking for them–the explanation is at . Good ol’ Capital One! And thanks for a very useful page on TurboTax discounts, even though I didn’t come across it till after I’d done the taxes.



Followup to previous comment–
Forgive my math typo; state return was actually $39.99, discounted to $36.99. Also, I put in a URL for the Capital One Deals which was redacted (after “the explanation is at”), but I’m sure you can find it by Googling that term.



Thanks a lot for the awesome fine Len. I found the page, it is the same discount $10-$20 depending on the product. But the goreat thing is looks like you have been able to stack the discounts (Fidelity + Capital One while checking out). I will add note in the post. Thanks!!


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