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Weekly and Yakezie favorites – Shrek Edition

I watched the movie Shrek: The Final Chapter yesterday. Even though movie tickets in general are getting very expensive, I like the green ogre. The movie was a bit more than just entertainment for me, it made me think. Rare for a cartoon. There were a few take away messages:

  1. A lot of time we don’t realize how blessed we are, how much we have, until we lose it.
  2. Always, always read the fine print
  3. If something is too good to be true, it probably is

Even though a lot of us obsess about money, it is rarely the most important thing in our lives. In financial matters though,  points 2 and 3 always apply.  Talking about fine print, here is an interesting website that “exposes the strings and catches buried in fine print” – www.MousePrint.org.

Now on to my weekly favorites:

  • J.D. @ Getrichslowly offers a nice idea to save money on something we use a lot –  Get Kitchen Gadgets for Less at the Local Restaurant Supply Store.
  • Trent @ TheSimpleDollar reminds us how simple maintenance of things that are most important to us will save lots of money. The Real MSM – Maintenance Saves Money.
  • Jonathan @ MyMoneyBlog discusses the TED talk by Nobel laureate and founder of behavioral economics Daniel Kahneman. Happiness is earning $60,000 a year?
  • This is not very recent or from a blog, but I found it very interesting. MSN Moneycentral’s article says – A Chicago man has accepted the challenge of a cash-free life. If he can make it a year without spending any money, he’ll earn a cool $100,000 from the website Groupon. I do couponing on some items, but it also says – The rules are tough. Groupon’s contest requires the participant to abandon his job, leave his apartment and put his belongings in storage. If he can pull this off, more power to him!

Some great posts from my fellow Yakezie members :

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